Jonathan Leake, and the Resurgence Youth Movement, Radical Surrealism

On nous communique la publication en 2022 de

« Jonathan Leake, and the Resurgence Youth Movement, Radical Surrealism, 1964-1967 »
Edited by Abigail Susik
Eberhardt press

This book is dedicated to the memory of
Walter Caughey, Paul Garon, Dan Georgakas, Bill Goring and Charles Radcliffe.

Edited by Abigail Susik, with essays by Penelope Rosemont, Maggie Wrigley Leake, Paul Leake, Sean Lovitt, and Abigail Susik, this 224-page book contains selections from all twelve issues of the rare, ultraleftist magazine « Resurgence ». We also decided to include selected chapters of Jonathan Leake’s remarkable unpublished memoir, « Root and Branch: A Radical Sixties Odyssey » (1992) — a very exciting addition given the historical importance of Leake’s chronicle.

Paul Garon et Charles Radcliffe auront un hommage dans Infosurr.